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Employer Reviews: From Rating Platforms to Employee Referrals

Online review platforms are used as a guide for both personal and professional decisions. In the past, they were primarily used for gastronomy reviews. However, they now include a variety of reviews of professionals, such as those of doctors and lawyers, but also company ratings.Nowadays, positive employer reviews and employee referrals lay the groundwork for attractive employer branding. Both are essential components of modern recruiting. This article shows how to use both effectively.

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Creating an Authentic Corporate Image

Thanks to employer reviews, applicants get an authentic insight into the company. Unlike career websites, they show the voices of employees, including former ones, interns, applicants and partners. With their direct wealth of experience, they paint a transparent picture of the workplace.

Basic evaluation criteria include:

  • General working environment
  • Salary structure
  • Leadership and collegial cohesion
  • Quality of application and personnel management
  • Social benefits and health management
  • Further education and training opportunities

Arbeitgeberbewertungen: Von der Bewertungsplattformen zur Mitarbeiterempfehlung

The Importance of Evaluation Portals for Recruiting

With the ever-increasing shortage of skilled workers, qualified candidates often have the choice between several potential employers. Prospective candidates compare companies and their apparent work cultures on platforms such as kununu and Glassdoor for example. If their personal values ​​match the company values, then it is said that a culture-fit has been established.

The company’s own website acts as the first impression, but only the feedback on rating portals allows an authentic insight into the nature of the company. For many applicants, this makes a significant contribution to the final decision-making process.

Top Tips for Doing Well on Review Portals

Tip 1: Ensure a High Level of Employee Satisfaction

This can be achieved through a corporate culture that offers opportunities for further development to encourage employees to continue bettering themselves. It must be ensured that working conditions are fair, and that there is a flat hierarchy with an open-door policy.

Remain cordial with employees even in the event of a dismissal. This is how you avoid revenge posts online. Employees have the ability to jeopardise the success of entire teams; therefore, part on good terms with employees.

On some platforms, you can also evaluate the application process, so offer applicants a short and transparent one. Treat applicants with the utmost professionalism and respect, even when they are rejected. 

Tip 2: Use the Feedback To Improve

Usually, the ratings are anonymous and are in the form of stars or points, often seen alongside comments made by the posters. Take these comments as constructive feedback for future improvement.

For example, if several comments complain that “the application process took too long”, then you know which aspect should be worked on.

Tip 3: Start a Conversation

Engage with commenters. Set the record straight on false reports. Honest responses to feedback reveal the company’s attitude and way of working.

Is there an error culture? How are new employees onboarded? What is the application process like? These are all indicators that provide conclusions about a good employer. In addition, you can compare your own self-image with the existing external image.

Additionally, such platforms can be used for your employer branding. Company profiles with pictures, important information and videos can create a positive image.

Arbeitgeberbewertungen: Von der Bewertungsplattformen zur Mitarbeiterempfehlung

Tip 4: Expand Your Network

A greater number of reviews equates to an increase in their significance. In order to continually expand the pool of reviews and even reviewers, the focus should not be on employees alone.

Interns, applicants or even partners can submit company evaluations. Actively invite them to do so. This way, platform visitors can get to know your company from all perspectives.

Tip 5: Promote Employee Feedback on Other Channels

Positive employee feedback is a central core of successful employer branding, as shown by a study recently published by the Institute for Employment Research (IAB). A large proportion of successful new hires are based on employee referrals. Actively reach out to satisfied employees and encourage them to write a review.

Use reviews for other communication channels as well (e.g., social media, employee referral programs, website). By doing so, you increase the reach of reception and solidify your employer brand with authentic voices.

Learn more about employee referrals in our 10-step guide, “10 Steps to Your Successful Employee Referral Program.”

Tip 6: Don’t Panic About Bad Reviews

Do you apply all the tips and are still getting negative reviews? No reason to panic. There is no such thing as bad publicity, and you can never completely avoid negative postings.

People tend to be more likely to share negative experiences as opposed to positive ones. Satisfied employees may not even see the reason to share their daily environment.

In addition to this, many people use online reviews and it is common practice. It is common to find a balanced average from the range of reviews. Focus on feedback on areas within your control and that you can take on constructively. 

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