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How To Handle Employee Resignations Better

The hard truth about recruitment is that, sooner or later, even the best employees resign.

There are varying reasons for employee resignations – better career opportunities, family movement out-of-state, health issues, etc. But, no matter the reason, employers are suddenly faced with the task of dealing with the loss.

It’s always difficult when a trusted employee leaves, but here are 5 tips on how you can deal with resignations better:

1. Get started with the transition

Resignations often cause disruption in the workflow, so the moment an employee tenders their resignation, ask them to work on their transition plan for their last two weeks.

Assign an employee who will be the interim focal point for the soon-to-be-vacated position, until you successfully find a more permanent replacement. This person can coordinate with the departing co-worker on the status of on-going projects and other loose ends that need to be tied.

2. Notify co-workers and clients about resignation

Once you have received a resignation letter, it’s time to notify other employees that their colleague is leaving. Start with their department first, then slowly, to the other staff members.

You can send an email or have a quick meeting to inform everyone about the resignation. Tell them who would be the interim focal point for the open position.

3. Conduct an exit interview

There’s a lot of insight to be gained from an employee who’s leaving. An exit interview allows you to have a clear understanding of why your employee is leaving – is it her superior or the company culture? Or something else?

This is also a good chance to ask for constructive feedback about how you can improve the company operations. Resigning employees could provide a good tidbit on this because they have been with the company for a while.

4. Announce that you are recruiting for a replacement

Make an internal announcement that you are currently looking to fill the vacated position in the company. Current employees can apply or they can refer their professional and personal contacts. An easy way to go about this is to implement an employee referral program where you can easily track leads to possible candidates.

5. Have a farewell get-together

Accepting an employee resignation is easier when you part ways on a positive note. Host a lunch or an afternoon snack to send-off your employee. It doesn’t have to be grand or fancy – a pizza party will do!

The important thing is that you properly thank your employee for their services to the company and wish them well in their future endeavors.

Employee departures are an inevitable part of conducting business. With these five tips, your relationship with your employee doesn’t need to have a bitter ending.


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