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4 Alternatives to Agency Recruitment

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Fortunately, there are other recruitment options available. Many of these alternative methods are a lot more effective and offer many benefits that may very well turn out to be the best options for your company.

Here are 4 alternatives to mainstream recruitment agencies:


1. Niche Job-Boards

Niche job-boards offer businesses and employers a targeted method of recruiting talent for their teams. These job-boards allow recruiters to promote jobs and attract candidates in an industry-focused manner. As a result, unfit candidates are weeded out from the start,  saving you plenty of time in the screening process.

2. Social Media Recruitment

It’s no secret that social media is changing the way people do business all over the world. Social media has given us a new way to go about sales, marketing, and research. Why not use it for recruitment as well? Tap into your company’s social media accounts and utilize your online reach to get in touch with candidates.

3. Campus Recruitment

Visiting colleges and universities is a great way to find quality talent you can train & develop for your business. You can offer internships to promising students who have the potential to contribute big for your company. Campus recruitment eliminates the need of third-party recruiters and you also avoid expenses such as advertising, initial screening process and final selection procedure. Your hiring team can meet and get to know a candidate directly and assess them more accurately.

 4. Referral Recruitment

One of the most popular methods of recruitment is the use of employee referrals. This method of recruitment has been one of the mainstays in the world of hiring because of its effectiveness and reliability. Referral recruitment happens when a business takes the help of its employees, partners and alumni to recruit possible candidates for open positions. After all, who are better brand ambassadors than your employees! They are familiar with your company culture and are best suited to refer the right candidates for matching open positions. To add to that, they are also able to ease the adjustment phase of any new hires from referrals. It’s much easier for new recruits to adapt to a company’s culture when they have colleagues and acquaintances who are already working there.

If your business is looking to try referral recruitment but you have no idea how to get started, Firstbird can help you. Firstbird specializes in helping companies build effective referral recruitment programs. Register here and watch those applications roll in

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