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4 Examples Of Companies With Great Culture

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Company culture is vital because employees are more likely to enjoy working for an organization whose values are consistent with theirs. They will be happier, more productive and in the long-run, they can develop better more fruitful relationships with their colleagues.

For example, someone who prefers working alone might not thrive in companies that have a strong team culture and employee participation is encouraged. They might be a better fit with organizations that have a more traditional and formal management style.

It takes time to develop a company culture, but here are 4 established organizations with great culture that we can draw inspiration from.


Zappos has a cultural fit interview, which weighs 50% of the total score before a candidate is hired. If they do get hired, the company will offer them $2,000 if they decide to quit after the first week of training.

Furthermore, the company has 10 added core values that are instilled in every team member. There is a budget for employee team building and culture promotion.

Be Inspired: Like Zappos, place cultural fit at the forefront of your hiring process. Great culture fits become happy employees, which will ultimately trickle down to lead to happy customers.



Twitter employees say they love being part of a company that is doing something meaningful. People are friendly to each other and no one goes home until the work is done.

The social media company gives free meals at the San Francisco headquarters, along with yoga classes and unlimited vacations for some. Not bad!


Be Inspired: Promote a work environment where team members are pleasant and friendly to each other. Having happy and fulfilled employees who feel that what they are doing matters is a key ingredient to all successful companies.


Regularly voted as one of the best places to work at, in the Big Apple, SquareSpace’s company culture is “flat, open and creative.” This means there are very few managers and almost everyone is equal in rank. The company’s modest and friendly bosses are easy can talk to at any time, that it creates a great impact on the collaborative culture of SquareSpace.

Additionally, the company offers great benefits and perks, including 100 percent coverage of health insurance premiums, flexible vacations, attractive office space, catered meals, stocked kitchens, monthly celebrations, relaxation spaces and periodic guest lecturers.


Be Inspired: Make it easier for employees to have their voices heard, regardless if they’re the housekeeping staff or the lead software developer. If management is approachable, it creates confidence in employees and improves their morale.



In every list of companies with fantastic culture, it’s impossible not to include Google. Employees are known to be driven, talented and among the best in the industry.

It offers perks like free meals, employee trips and parties, financial bonuses, open presentations by high-level executives, gyms, a dog-friendly environment and so on.

It has noted some growing pains, as the company expanded worldwide, but it has learned to reinvent itself to accommodate more employees and the need for management.


Be Inspired: As your company grows, it is essential to regularly revisit your values to accommodate new team members. A successful company culture is one that is continuously evolving and is flexible to the changing landscape.

The best company culture is one that makes its employees feel comfortable and welcome, never excluded or insecure. It will take a while to develop a solid personality as an organization, but the key factor is to find like-minded individuals who will strive to mold the company into a successful and meaningful entity.


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