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5 Tips To Motivate Your Recruitment Team

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Recruitment team leaders need to find ways to keep their staff away from fatigue and help them stay motivated even when the going gets tough. Here are five ways to keep their recruitment fires burning:

1. Review the effectiveness of the recruitment process

Together with your team, review your current recruitment process and see if it’s still delivering the desired results. New trends constantly emerge, maybe your strategies need some updating to make your recruiters’ lives easier.

Look into your current processes – from writing job descriptions to asking the right job interview questions to the length of the entire onboarding process.

2. Be ready to assist their needs

In high-pressure work situations, recruiters require a motivating manager who can drive them forward during times of huge workload. If they know they can count on their manager or their colleagues to make their jobs easier, they will remain focused on their tasks because of their trust to their manager.

You can offer weekly mentoring time where they can ask for your assistance on particular recruitment issues. For example, when job ads are no longer giving quality candidates, you can suggest to your team to use other means like social media or employee referrals.

3. Get other departments’ help in recruitment

To help your recruitment team, employees from other departments can refer candidates for your vacant positions. Employee referrals are a proven source of quality hires, who are happier and stay longer with the company. In fact, the retention rates speak for themselves, seeing that 56% of referred employees have been in their current company and position for more than five years. 

You can use a recruitment software to keep track of all of these referrals easily.

4. Offer incentives

You can offer incentives to your employees who have successfully referred a great hire but don’t leave out your recruitment team who facilitated these hires.

Give them incentives that may range from small items like movie tickets or shopping vouchers to big ticket rewards like free trips and additional paid holidays. This will keep them motivated to work harder because they know there’s a prize in the end if they succeed.


5. Improve their work environment

The work environment plays a part in making recruiters happier at work. Make their work spaces conducive by adjusting the lighting, the décor and layout. Change the usual fluorescent lights to warm, yellow fixtures and add plants to liven up the place. Give them the freedom to choose their own work soundtrack to make the environment more pleasant.

Motivation can come from different places, and your job as team leader is to find the right triggers. Doing so means you can push recruiters to deliver the results you need for your company.  


Do you have other tips to motivate your recruitment team? Share them in the comments below.

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