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Here’s How To Make Your Jobs Go Viral

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1. Create shareable content

Shareability starts with good copy. Make sure your job description is clear, concise and encapsulates these three things:

  • Who will I work for?
  • Who will I work with?
  • What is the environment like?

Don’t make it too long either. Even the most viable candidates will not take the time to read your description, so you can only imagine how much engagement you will receive from a passive candidate. To ensure engagement, try to inject some humor in your job ad.

2. Use photos and videos

Research shows that employers who use recruiting videos raise their application rate by  34 percent.

The average job seeker spends less than 30 seconds reviewing a posting. Sites with more compelling and content-rich job descriptions can reach upwards of four minutes on a posting — that is due in large part to the pictures and video employers put up there.

3. Get a company spokesperson

Viral job ads get shared because the audience feels a personal connection to it. Want to grab attention while creating a personal connection? Put the hiring manager or member of the hiring team up front. You can make them the spokesperson for the company in a video job ad or the contact person for the job ad.

The goal is to avoid making job prospects feel like they are sending their applications into a black hole. This itself will make the job description more appealing.

4. Showcase your best features

List down (or take videos of) your company’s best features like your team members, plush office space, or the events you attended or hosted (including company parties).

Display these on your career site of job ads to show potential candidates some of the best reasons why they should join your company.

5. Get your employees to share the job ad

Just like any other shareable content found on the Internet, if there’s a “Share” link that allows postings to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, it’s already more likely to be shared. This will not only increase referral rates but also create a better job applicant pool.

You must arm your employees with content that is based around people and emotion, As these types of content is more likely to be shared.

6. Interact with potential candidates on social media

Candidates should be able to interact with your jobs anonymously — or identify themselves if they choose. Real-time interactivity brings the job to life, and the candidate can evaluate the opportunity over time versus a 30-second browsing of the written job description.

Make sure that you allow comments to your job ad, so possible candidates can “follow” jobs, ask questions online, and receive updates about the application process. If someone has a query about your job ad, make sure you reply to them in the comments section.

You can close the loop with all applicants and interested candidates when the position is filled, by simply placing a comment. Everyone is notified, and you created a positive candidate experience instead of the application “black hole.”

By making your job ads creative and compelling, you stand the chance of attracting so much more talent that is out there in the market. Take the time to think about your message and plan your execution carefully.

Ready with your viral job ad? Next step is to link it with your employee referral program. Visit to know more about how you can boost your job reach with an employee referral.

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