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7 Genius HR Slack Integrations

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Slack’s success is not only due to its usability but also to its multiple integrations. Teams can choose between various add-ons to merge internal tasks into one single tool. Whether your aim is to drive more transparency into finances, reward your employees or simply streamline your communication – Slack provides the integration you need!

Slack especially makes your busy HR life easier! To show you how, here’s a list of the most convenient and popular HR integrations for Slack:

1. Rewarding & Gamification with HeyTaco

Put a smile on your team’s face by rewarding them with a taco! It’s that simple making people happy and appreciated.

2. Recruit Great Talent with Firstbird

With Firstbird you can involve your employees into your recruiting processes by personal recommendations for great candidates. Keep constant track of the success of your digital employee referral tool by connecting it to Slack.

3. Onboard New Employees with Donut

Donut is great for onboarding and community building. It engages people who haven’t met yet to meet for lunch, coffee or, a donut! Because teams grow through interactions.

4. Satisfy your Employees with Leo

Leo cares about your team and collects their feedback on workflows and teamwork and encourages employees to socialize. It helps you maintain strong & productive teams.

5. Tracking & Surveys with Polly

Polly tracks and analyses your activities. Set automated polls to collect data that improves meetings, trade shows, teamwork or whatever else you care you about.

6. Workflow & Team Appreciation with Goco

Goco reminds you and your employees of upcoming events and days your colleagues take off. With this interactive calendar you will never forget meetings, birthdays or holidays again!

7. Gamification with Facegame

With Facegame you will never forget a colleague’s name or face again. Especially for large-sized companies this is a great game to strengthen team loyalty and satisfaction.

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