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career site guide
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Verfasst von Nadine Palmetshofer

A Career Site Guide for Talent Acquisition and Human Resources Professionals

The talent you’re most interested in is also the talent your competitors are most interested in. When you succeed in bringing them to your career site, it’s the quality of your site, its content, the ease of navigation, and its relevance to their expectations that will make the difference between whether they choose to apply or not. Let’s find out together how to make your site an asset for effective recruitment.

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Essential content 

After building over 550 career sites, we have learned what is the most relevant content: 

  • Firstly, present all your open positions in the most accessible way: via a search engine, but also via organized postings. Vacant roles are always the first piece of information that candidates look for, and you need to make them a priority.
  • Your ability to communicate your unique employer value proposition is vital. What makes working at your company different from working with your competitors, regardless of the role? Use employee testimonials to reinforce your message.
  • Highlight practical information that candidates always find appealing, such as remote work policies, employee benefits, and workplace amenities. These details prove your commitment to your employees’ well-being.
  • Lastly, outline the recruitment process and offer tips to help candidates succeed.

The Central Point of All Your Attraction Efforts

A relevant site should be the focal point of all your recruitment communication actions: landing pages adapted to specific campaigns, promotion of your corporate communications, retargeting campaigns aimed at web users you’ve already been in contact with and links with your social networks. Everything happens on your site, and must run through it for greater efficiency.

A Showcase for Your Brand

The reputation of your brand is often a reason for candidates to be interested in you as an employer. It’s up to you to fulfill the brand promise by making your site a perfect showcase. Brand values, company culture… the career site must meet candidates’ expectations and always strengthen your brand image. In this regard, the quality of the content, whether texts, visuals, or videos, must be at the same level as what you do for your best customers.

The Best Expression of Your Employer Brand 

The employer brand expresses all the value created by your company in its relationship with its employees. It is therefore a very broad theme, which can vary according to the profiles and positions occupied. The best way to express it on your career site is to give your teams a voice. By allowing your sought-after talent to discover testimonials from their peers, or even to interact with them, the potential candidates see real evidence of what your organization provides.

The Priority: Optimizing the Candidate Experience 

We have learned that even the best candidates can give up on applying due to “details.” A good career site should limit the number of steps to find information and especially gather all the content useful to a candidate for applying to an offer. This is how enhanced offers have proven their worth as a “best practice.” In most cases (over 60%), a candidate arrives at the career site via a job offer. If this offer is “enhanced” with relevant content – for example, video testimonials from people in the same position, a virtual tour of the work environment, a precise map of the location and access modes, the recruitment process… – the candidate can apply directly, provided that this last step is not too tedious.

Always make it easy to apply 

The best candidates are the most sought-after. When they finally decide to apply for a job with your company, they expect a warm welcome. If this first step results in a long and tedious questionnaire, a good proportion of them will give up. Offering a simplified application form with first and last name, e-mail address and CV to attach should be the universal standard for all companies. But it’s so far from being the case that adopting this practice immediately places you among the best recruiters.

Applying on a Smartphone 

Career sites are often designed for a computer, and “responsive,” meaning adapted to smartphones. But the majority of candidates connect directly from a phone. The best practice would, therefore, be to do the opposite: design the career site for a smartphone and then adapt it to a computer. Faced with a generation for whom the smartphone is an omnipresent daily accessory, it’s more than time to adapt to this usage.

A Self-Learning Career Site 

The best source for improving a career site is the career site itself; or more precisely, the data collected on the career site. But this data must be easy to collect, analyze, and provide you with concrete information that will allow you to improve it. With our experience of more than 550 career sites, we have seen that a site’s conversion rate can be increased by 40%, through the streamlining of its content, and 58% by personalizing it (this is done by showing content based on information we collect about the candidates, such as their location).

Where to Start 

The first step is always an in-depth audit of the existing site. We can help you identify strengths, areas for improvement and, above all, benchmark your site against best practice. From your side, you can obtain testimonials from candidates who have applied and compared their experience on your site with others.

The career site is the cornerstone of a talent acquisition strategy. Investing in a career site to adopt best practices always pays off, as demonstrated by one of our customers who, after an in-depth analysis by Forrester, can boast an ROI of over 400%.

Interested in taking your career site to the next level? Contact us today.

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