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AI-Powered Content Creation for a Successful Career Site: What HR Managers Need to Know

What strategies can HR managers use to successfully counter the ongoing tension on the labor market in the search for suitable talent? An important trend in HR technology is and remains artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is predicted that they will find their way into more and more tech tools and software. This will allow Talent Acquisition teams to use data-driven intelligence, machine learning and automation to their advantage in your day-to-day HR operations. For example, to do more with less effort and also to achieve a better Return Of Investment (ROI) for their company. In this way, AI tools help to increase efficiency and productivity.[1]

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What strategies can HR managers use to successfully counter the ongoing tension in the labor market in the search for suitable talent? Artificial intelligence and machine learning remain an important trend in HR technology. It is predicted that they will find their way into more tech tools and software. This will allow Talent Acquisition teams to use data-driven intelligence, machine learning and automation to their advantage in your day-to-day HR operations. For example, to do more with less effort and also to achieve a better Return On Investment (ROI) for their company. In this way, AI tools help increase efficiency and productivity.[1]

In fact, the majority of us have probably been using the possibilities as well as the offerings of technological progress in our everyday lives for many years – some more than others. AI trends aptly put. He remembers from his childhood the thick road atlas with paper pages in the car. Which, in order to find the right way, was turned in every conceivable direction and involved quite a bit of discussion among fellow passengers and a detour or two. Today, we use the available road maps on our smartphones and integrate them seamlessly with the modern communication systems in our cars to get from point A to point B. If we keep this example in mind, it is incredible what technological as well as engineering progress we have made in the last decades.

This also applies to artificial intelligence. According to one study, the use of AI has almost tripled since 2010.[2] The question then quickly arises as to what this means for the world of work – for example, in the area of recruiting. How can AI tools be used here and what should you look out for? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the possibilities and benefits that the use of AI tools can bring to HR managers when implementing targeted talent acquisition measures on their company’s career website – especially when it comes to content creation.


Here’s how AI tools can help you optimize your career site’s content strategy.

The use of intelligent solutions can help to efficiently align strategies and thus successfully target the desired audience.[3] Generative AI (generative artificial intelligence), for example, is being touted as a game-changer for content creation, among other things. Generative AI refers to a category of artificial intelligence. It can generate texts, graphics, audio and videos that are very similar to content created by humans. Technological advances make it possible for AI models to analyze existing data patterns to create new content.[4] A Statista survey in the U.S. found that 73% of marketing respondents have already used AI tools, including chatbots, professionally.[5]

But what benefits can the use of AI systems bring to content creation in recruiting and talent acquisition efforts?


1. Additional resources

Often, recruiting teams lack the people as well as the experience to implement a content strategy focused on recruiting. ChatGTP, for example, is a free tool that can help support content creation in these cases,[6] which can play a particularly important role when creating content for companies’ career pages. This is because the content on the career page should always be well planned and thought out, adapted to the needs of the target group and up-to-date. As AI technology evolves, it becomes an even more powerful tool for strengthening the employer brand and also offers new opportunities to attract and retain the right talent.[7] It is important to keep in mind to consider AI as an additional help that gives new aspects or input, based on the information we humans enter into the systems. The output is then processed by the experts in recruiting.


2. No “writer’s block

The advantage of ChatGPT and other AI tools is that they don’t have writer’s block, as sometimes happens with humans. These tools can be seen as assisting with content writing. In this way, AI systems can be “fed” an idea. The responses they generate can refine one’s work to round out and complement desired communication goals. The output can open new lines of thought, but if it doesn’t please, entire paragraphs generated by the AI can be deleted. In fact, the efficiency of a robot or intelligent solutions has its advantages that are worth considering. For example, answers spit out by AI tools like ChatGPT can save you or your team hours of work.[6] However, it should always be kept in mind that the best result for your career site is achieved when the answers of AI tools are enriched by the human understanding and knowledge of HR and Talent Acquisition employees.[7] After all, personalizing the candidate experience is key to a positive candidate experience as well as a successful candidate journey.


3. No procrastination

Intelligent solutions, or even robots, don’t put off tasks like humans do. In other words, ChatGPT, for example, does not enter the task on the calendar for Wednesday, postpone it until Friday, and then decide to come back to it next week. These resources are available on demand to supplement a strategy for creating needed content.[6]In addition, AI systems speed up the process of finding and developing new ideas.[3] Before AI tools can find useful ideas, human expertise is needed to guide the AI tools. This means that to achieve optimal results, the right prompt is needed and the AI tools must be trained to successfully interpret the candidate’s needs and respond correctly – in the company’s best interest. This is important to provide the best candidate experience on the career site and to attract the right talent for the right jobs.[7]


4. Search engine optimization and keyword research

AI tools offer further support in the search for the most suitable and relevant keywords. As they can perform comprehensive data analysis within a short period of time. This allows them to analyze relevant data from users, which provides valuable insights into the search behavior of the desired target group.[3] Recruiters can use this knowledge to identify and target frequently searched keywords when creating relevant content for their companies’ career websites. With the help of AI tools for target group-specific analysis and content creation, the reach as well as the interaction of career site users can be increased and ideally also improve employer branding.[3] Companies achieve the greatest benefit from their career sites by adapting the content to the preferences of job seekers and offering a personalized visitor experience. his increases the chances that visitors will become candidates.


Copy, plagiarism, cheating?

With all the benefits, there are a number of important issues like copyright or proper attribution when using ChatGPT as well as other AI tools for content creation that are still unresolved and legitimate ethical questions, especially in the academic world are still unanswered. Furthermore, the important question arises not only in academia: am I allowed to use and pass off as my earnings/work what content, say, an AI tool has created? One way to look at it would be to see it not as fraud, but as a tool that helps to achieve the desired goal.[6]In fact, any text created by Generative AI should be checked by a human and the statements or content verified.



The opportunities for using AI tools are many. These include the creation of texts and content for talent acquisition and career pages, as well as the creation of statistics, which also support the desired target group. Nevertheless, the creation of important content for your career site still requires the critical eye of the responsible persons to decide which content goes online or is inappropriate. After all, the more personal the content, the greater the chance of reaching the desired talent on an emotional level and standing out from the competition.

Would you like to know how you can tailor your career site even better to your target group? Contact us.



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