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Autumn 2020 Update

Firstbird has now become Radancy.

We have merged with Radancy, the global leader in talent technology. Learn more

Simplified Referral Form

We would like to make it even easier to accept referrals. For this reason we have revised our referral form. Similar to before, candidates accept referrals as usual, but now only the most important contact details are asked for in the first step.

After accepting a referral, candidates will then go through the Firstbird application form where they can reveal more of themselves and add attachments.
Alternatively, candidates can be seamlessly forwarded to the application form of your applicant tracking system*. This will also allow incoming applications to be directly integrated into your applicant tracking system.

Read more in this blog post.

**Possibilities depend on the applicant tracking system

Step 1 – Referral
Step 2 – Application

Easier Registration With the Firstbird2Go App

With the release of version 1.0.56 it is now possible to scan QR codes. Employees can now use an optional QR code instead of entering the domain of the registration page.

In addition, your employee referral program now has a branded start page. From here employees can either register or log in. As an alternative to the registration page, you can also link to this page with a QR Code.

New users of the Firstbird2Go app will now receive a short introduction. In a few short steps, we explain what a referral program is and what an employee has to do to receive rewards. This will make it easier for them to get started.

Automatic Deletion of Referrals

We have extended the function “Automatic deletion of referrals”. Administrators will be able to delete accepted as well as hired referrals automatically. The deletion period can be freely defined as before.

Filter Referrals by Name

A frequently requested function has finally arrived. Recruiters can now filter referrals by name to quickly access relevant information as well as employee feedback.

Referrals and Applications

Until now, candidates were differentiated between direct referrals and candidates from shared jobs in Firstbird. Candidates from direct referrals were counted as “referrals”. Candidates from a shared job were counted as “applications”.

We will merge this type of differentiation in the future to prevent misunderstandings.

Once candidates have completed the first step – the referral – they are listed in the system as “accepted referrals”. After candidates have applied, they are considered as “applications”.
In reports, we continue to distinguish between direct referrals and candidates from shared jobs (=Referrals).
Accepted referrals can be found in the “Referrals” menu under the new tab “Accepted referrals”.

Changes to Statistics

With the distinction between “referrals” and “applications” it is necessary to adjust some things.

  • The “Referrals” statistics now counts all referrals, instead of only direct referrals
  • The item “Applications” now shows all applications.
  • We are removing the shared jobs statistics, as the direct sharing of jobs via social networks does not allow an exact evaluation.

This gives you a better overview of how many referrals have actually applied. The statistics page for administrators and recruiters will also be updated.

New Statistics Page

Changes to the Dashboard

Again, the statistics are adjusted accordingly. To make it even easier for Talent Scouts to share interesting jobs, we have also slightly revised the dashboard.

Neues Dashboard

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