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Verfasst von Majella Grawatsch

Firstbird Went to The Talent Tech Lab

Firstbird has now become Radancy.

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TTL is vastly becoming the global hub for Talent Acquisition technology. Backed by recruiting giants Mercer, Allegis Group and Mitchell Martin, TTL has screened more than 1.500 startups in the HR industry resulting in the establishment of the now renowned Talent Acquisition Technology ecosystem.

Firstbird was one of the Transatlantic event exhibitors, showcasing our solution to popular recruiting pain points. During the two-day event, we gained valuable insight into the US market and acquired our first customers in NY,  were inspired by the two keynote speakers Brian Delle Donne and Jonathan Kestenbaum from Talent Tech Labs and Ian Bailie from Cisco, and, we met with an array of exciting startups from all over the world, three of which we are pleased to present to you today.

Arctic Shores, UK

Arctic Shores is a global provider of Game-Based Assessments that delivers meaningful job relevant insights about people. They enable employers to differentiate their hiring process, raise brand awareness, engage prospective talent and make fair and objective selection decisions.

Candidates intuitively react to in-game scenarios leaving behind a digital fingerprint of over 3,000 data points which are analyzed to produce meaningful and predictive psychometric scores. Arctic Shores Game-Based Assessments are validated using thousands of participants following the strict psychometric standards of the British Psychological Society and introduce more relevant and objective data into your selection decisions whilst attracting a more diverse applicant pool.
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Candidate.ID, Scotland

Candidate.ID is a talent pipeline platform which enables the most sophisticated candidate nurture marketing, available. Candidate.ID automatically segments the candidates in your database as cold, warm and hot for opportunities with you and intuitively distributes content appropriate for nurturing each group. It tracks all candidate interactions with your content on the careers site, email and social media and assigns each candidate an engagement score so recruiters know who to talk to first every time a vacancy arises.

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COMEET, Israel

Comeet is a collaborative hiring platform (ATS) that streamlines the hiring process. High-growth companies switch to Comeet for its consumer-like UX (which won the prestigious UX award) which makes it easy for recruiters and hiring teams to onboard and use as well as for its powerful workflows and role specific features for hiring managers, interviewers, coordinators and executives. Comeet is favored by companies of 100 to 5000 employees and has more than doubled its customer base over the last year.
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