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Verfasst von Majella Grawatsch

How To Reach Millennials When Recruiting

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Where do they socialize?

Since they grew up with the Web 2.0, you will certainly find them online. They socialize in all kinds of social networks that are popular and trendy of their times. Even though they are aware of the mundane offline world, printed media has shown a significant decrease in popularity among this target group.

How do they communicate?

Their online exchange and communication is based on high frequency, speed, and versatility. They use images, videos, smileys and particular digital language to express their feelings and current situations at the same time they respond quickly and also have no qualms discussing issues in public. They do not separate the “virtual world” from the real life as it’s a fundamental part of their lives.

Whom do they listen to?

They listen to people who are up-to-date but still authentic. Using the “digital” language in a desperate, over-the-top way will destroy your credibility. Keep track of how they communicate, how they use smileys, for example, adjust to their language first and then start using it.

What do they like?

Millennials are impressed by technical tools, innovative ideas and anything that’s up-to-date and new. Frequent interaction, sharing their interests, accomplishments, and ideas amongst their peers is what they love the most.

Now, what can we conclude from this? Millennials definitely won’t read the newspapers when looking for a new job, and they certainly won’t   engage in endless searches through boring job boards. Even if they are actively looking for a new job, they probably won’t  even consider applying to an old-fashioned job advertisement. This the generation that longs for innovative and interactive tools, such as an employee referral tool, for its digital, interactive and up-to-date use.

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