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How To Recruit Using Social Media

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Now comes the important part – how to recruit using social media. Your company’s social networks (as many fans as you may have) are limited – you only have one Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn page. However, if you engage your employees’ social networks, you suddenly have access to thousands of quality potential candidates.
So how do you access this talent pool? Engage your employees to recruit on your behalf – using an employee referral tool. If you use an employee referral tool (like most big companies do), employees will share your job vacancies across their social media platforms. This will empower your recruiting in many ways such as:

  • You will reach passive candidates who aren’t necessarily on job boards
  • Your employees can offer potential candidates insights about your company (such as the culture and why they love working there) meaning you receive culturally suitable candidates
  • Your employees can offer you personal referrals for people they think would be great for the company
  • Gamification aspects of employee referral tools (such as Firstbird’s), allows you to keep your employees motivated and involved while allowing you to reward them easily.

Employee referral platforms are easy to set up, easy to use and very effective. If you want to see how easy it is to recruit using social media, you can try out our employee referral programe.

And, if you’re interested in reading more about why your employees should help you recruit, check out our article on the best headhunters in the world.


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