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Pros and Cons of Using Job Boards For Recruitment

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Monster is perhaps the most popular online job site. It is a powerful resource for job seekers in any industry because it has a number unique search featuresunlike other job boards.

Since it is widely used, your job ad can be viewed by hundreds of possible candidates. Recently, Monster announced that its online recruitment activity in the US increased by 11 percent jump in January 2017, led by strong growth in sectors like banking, financial services and insurance.

The biggest downside to Monster is the presence of spam and redundancy. Recruiters know that Monster has a huge audience and will attempt to take advantage of this exposure. This often ruins the user experience and frustrates possible candidates who regularly visit the site.


Indeed provides job seekers with an aggregated database of job postings from across different company websites and job boards and presents them in a simple and seamless format.

Indeed streamlines the job search process by eliminating the need to visit dozens of different sites to find relevant opportunities. Another benefit is the email feature, which sends updates straight to your inbox.

The user interface, particularly the navigation and layout, isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as other sites. Basically, it’s just a search engine for job listings, which makes it somewhat redundant if you’re already using other sites. There might be a chance that the candidates you want to apply for your job aren’t using Indeed.

Elevated Careers

Elevated Careers is a relatively new job site compared to Monster and Indeed. It helps align employees with employers based on compatibility.

What sets Elevated Careers apart is that it uses predictive algorithms to match job seekers with jobs based on skills, culture, and personality. This unique approach takes into account much more than the typical job search elements like location, salary, and position. As a result, you would get candidates that are much likelier to find your job opening satisfying and rewarding.

Filling out a profile on Elevated Careers requires a lot of effort and input on the candidate’s part. After uploading your resume, you have to move on to the profile builder section that asks a bunch of questions. For candidates who don’t have a ton of time, this lengthy process can be frustrating.


While typically thought of as a website for buying and selling cars, tools, furniture, and household appliances, Craigslist also contains job boards for a variety of positions in different industries.

Craigslist often has opportunities that can’t be found elsewhere on dedicated job posting boards. Recruiters can use this for local ads for freelance work, part-time work, or entry level jobs.

Job listings on Craigslist are notoriously unreliable, with tons of fake job ads or scams, since it is barely regulated. Quality candidates won’t be likely to be looking for a job on Craigslist.


LinkedIn is a professional networking tool that facilitates effortless communication between employees, peers, businesses, and consumers. One of its key features is its job search functionality.

Most people are already LinkedIn users on the site so you can quickly search for candidates using a few keywords. It will also show you people who are connected to a particular candidate, allowing you to tap their network as well. It can also be integrated with Firstbird’s employee referral program.

Many candidates on LinkedIn are actively employed and not currently searching, leading to few positive responses. Because of this, they can negotiate from a position of power – you need them more than they need you. The LinkedIn corporate recruiter plan is also quite expensive, costing more than $8,600 per year.

Job boards are still useful to some degree, but should not be the main focus of a company’s recruitment effort. In this day and age, there are other ways, such as social recruiting and employee referrals, to find quality candidates in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

Looking for more effective recruitment strategies? We are happy to tell you more: Firstbird.

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