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Helping Employees Refer From Facebook & Twitter

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In fact, with Facebook and Twitter boasting of 2 billion and 328 million active monthly users in 2017, there’s a high chance that you will get your next best hires from these channels. And it’s not just the HR department who should be looking into social media recruitment, but the employees as well. If they can tap their personal networks for referrals, the chance of finding great talents increases exponentially.

The key action point for recruiters is to train their employees on how to use Facebook and Twitter for social media recruitment. Here are 3 tips on how your employees can  best refer people using these two major platforms:

1. Update their bio

Your employee’s profile page is the first thing potential candidates will see on Facebook and Twitter, so make sure it sends the right message.

For Facebook: On the About section of their profile, ask them to tag your company page as the place where they work. They should also add in their professional skills and qualifications so that they may be connected to other users with the same skills. It will also help if they put in their university, so that they may be connected to peers from the same school.

For Twitter: Your employers only have 160 characters for their bio so they better use it well. They can briefly indicate what they do for your company, with a link to your recruitment website. They can also help boost your visibility on Twitter with a customized background showing their work in your company, or include, company logo badges on their profile pictures.

2. Use a hashtag

Hashtags were created to pool together different content from various sources. Come up with a unique hashtag for your company recruitment and ask your employees to use it on their personal accounts.

For Facebook: Your employees can make a special public folder to store all of their fun pictures at work. They can use your recruitment hashtag as the title so that this album can come up in public searches.

For Twitter: Whenever your employees post a positive work-related tweet or a tweet about a current vacancy, ask them to use the recruitment hashtag. Over time, the hashtag can be used by potential employees to look for job openings in your company.

3. Engage with the community

The best way to find suitable candidates for your company is for your employees to actually engage with them, and social media allows your team to do that.

For Facebook and Twitter: You can post company photos and videos, as well as other industry-related content. You can encourage them to start a regular Facebook and Twitter conversation – where they ask for their network’s comments and opinions about industry topics. From there, they can see which ones have the potential of becoming a great hire.

Social media is a great place to share your company culture through the eyes of your employees. It’s an effective way to help build a great employer brand, which will definitely help you get the best talents in the workforce.

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