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Verfasst von Majella Grawatsch

The Top 5 HR Trends For 2017

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1. Employee branding

There’s no doubt that what your employees think and feel about your company is paramount to your success. That’s why employee branding is now more important than ever. Give your team new and exciting tasks and reward them for their exceptional achievements. Value their opinions on new tools you introduce, potential candidates you hire or future goals you set. Show your appreciation for their input and feedback, honestly and on time. Mention specific actions you were thankful of so they truly feel appreciated and honored. Think ahead when it comes to rewards. Be creative and don’t let a tasteless, cheap bottle of wine represent your gratitude. Strengthen your employee brand with sincere, personal and public praise, and soon you will watch your employees’ morality and loyalty grow significantly.

2. Gamification

Since the beginning of humanity, we have always competed against each other. It is a human instinct that has always been inside of us and helped us progress throughout the years. Through modern technology, we are now able to meet this urge in a simple way. Many large enterprises have already acknowledged gamification as one of the strongest incentives, and, by introducing gamification approaches, have motivated their employees or customers sustainably.For example, the pharmaceutical giant, Bayer, introduced an app designed to introduce employees to the company with a unique quiz. Samsung, for instance, rewards their customers with virtual medals and levels for participating in discussions or sharing videos and content. The Achievers, a software provider from the US, specializes in HR gamification with a tool that allows rewarding employees for different kind of tasks.

3. Referrals

When it comes to hiring new employees, you can reduce your cost-per-hire by 30% and time-to-hire by 40%, simply by listening to your network! Ask your employees for feedback about candidates they know, and you will benefit from honest ratings and a raise in employee retention time in return. Your employees know who will fit into your team best. Don’t neglect this source when it comes to recruiting the right talent. Rather save time and money in 2017, and you can start by turning your own networks into a recruiting engine!

4. Mobile

Everyone and everything is mobile, and HR should be too. Get your recruiting and talent management mobile and have your employees refer great talent on the go. Make it easier and faster for them and you! That way, they can recommend potential candidates in a blink. It reduces your time-to-hire and cost-per-hire additionally.Are you using Firstbird as your talent engine? Then get our new Firstbird2Go App for Android or iOS!

5. EGC

No, EGC is not a medical procedure! It means “employee generated content,” and is something that is shared by your employees with their friends, on social media or in real life. It is a positive outcome that results from strong employee branding. Only employees who are very loyal would share a company’s articles, jobs or pictures. Such content gives you perfect opportunities to reach your future candidates, who perhaps are already thinking about how great it would be to work with you and your team.

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