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This Is How To Find Employees In 2018

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The simple answer is none of the above. Really.

If you want to find employees in 2018, and really good ones at that, do as the big companies do, and simply ask your current employees for some recommendations.

You see, the thing is, your employees know two very important things:

  1. They know your company. They know your company culture, the internal processes, how flexible you are, and what the vibe is like on a Monday morning. They know if you really support the “work/life balance” you claim to, and if there are opportunities for professional growth.
  2. They also know people. These people are friends, family, alumni, previously workmates, but they are also what recruiters like to call “passive candidates”. Passive candidates are all the people headhunters and recruiters dream about getting in touch with because they are usually employed, highly skilled, motivated and good at what they do. Headhunters and recruiters struggle to get in touch with them because these people are not actively searching for jobs. But your employees are in touch with them. 

Therefore, these two things added together are a potential gold mine when it comes to your company’s hiring.

Here’s what can (and will) happen:

  1. You ask your employees if they know of someone who would be good for a job at your company.
  2. Your employees think about it. Most of them will know someone they could recommend immediately.
  3. Your employees go out into the world (literally and/or online), and spread the word that your company is looking for new employees. They get in touch with potential candidates.
  4. Your employees give the potential candidates accurate information about working for your company. In other words, your employees are now your brand ambassadors – and are providing you with the best, most trusted word-of-mouth advertising to your potential candidates you can get.
  5. The candidates apply. Your employees are asked to provide written referrals for their relevant candidates.
  6. You interview the candidates and, if they are the best ones for the positions, you hire them.

  7. The referred candidate (and now your new employee) fits in well with your company’s culture and working environment because there are no huge surprises. In fact, they work better and stay longer!

That is how you find new employees in 2018. Hire better employees for less money and time – that’s why the big companies do it.

There is only one drawback and that is that if you try to do it manually, you will end up with a very complex, timely and hard-to-track process. Digitalize it though, and your hiring will be better than ever.






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