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Top 7 Third-Party ATS Integrations

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1. ATS Integration for Communication


Communicate achievements, like incoming applications or successful hires instantly via Slack. Create team and private channels to stay up to date about recruiting processes.

2. ATS Integration for Sourcing & Referrals


Transform your ATS from an ordinary talent pool into an outstanding recruiting engine that helps you hire great fitting candidates. Firstbird ensures high-quality employee referrals, that help you hire faster, cheaper and better. With a simple interface you can avoid editing the same data twice.

3. ATS Integration for Job Boards


Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Indeed, etc. can integrate with numerous ATS providers. It’s an easy way to spread the word and make your vacancies go viral.

4. ATS Integration for Analytics


Tableau will not only help you keep track of working hours, resources and your team’s needs, but also emphasize your main findings with credible visuals.

5. ATS Integration for Video Interviews


Why spend resources on face-to-face interviews, when there’s Viasto offering you a digital assessment centre for your future recruiting?

6. ATS Integration for Onboarding


Your job is not exactly done once you’ve hired a candidate. With great onboarding remedies, Greenhouse ensures  your team maintains happy and successful after welcoming a new member.

7. ATS Integration for Scheduling


This may seem absurd and not worth mentioning. But, there are still recruiters who forget to import their appointments that have been scheduled via their ATS into their default calendar.



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