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Verfasst von Majella Grawatsch

Why Your Employees Are The Best Headhunters

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  • Your secretary
  • The business partner you met yesterday for lunch
  • The guy in the office who always has 600+ friends on Facebook
  • Your marketing manager who has all kinds of social media accounts

The thing they all have in common is that you already know them. And, they have a huge social network that certainly includes your future talents! Here are our five reasons why your employees are the best headhunters in the world.

1. Employees increase your online awareness & your talent pool

Employees can engage their networks either personally, via social media or via email. They can post jobs and raise interest in your company. Shared jobs branded with your company’s logo have more effects than a cold call from an external headhunter who only knows very little about you, your company and your team. Employee driven social recruiting will have strong impacts on your company’s reputation. All social media activities combined will boost your online awareness and therefore the source of all potential candidates. You will not only receive a high number of applications but also get authentic and personal feedback from the employee they applied through.

2. Employee referrals are the best source for successful hires

In large companies, 1 out of 3 referrals gets hired. Medium companies hire 1 out of 10 referrals, whereas other recruiting sources show an applicant-to-hire-ratio of 1 out of 18.


3. Internal headhunters influence your employer brand

Engaging your employees to become headhunters also increases your employer branding. Like the already confirmed, 75 percent of job seekers first get an idea of a company’s employer brand and its reputation before submitting their application. Your employee’s recommendation to your company is definitely more valuable and credible than the one an external headhunter gives. Also, 62% of all job seekers use social media to evaluate your employer brand.

So can you already imagine the impact of a job posted by our employers via social media?

4. Employee referrals support team building

Strong teams are defined by members who grow together. You can only meet that if you keep your employee churn rate low. Employee referrals help you extend the amount of employment and make your team grow faster and stronger.

5. On the pulse of time

By introducing gamification approaches to your employee referral program you keep your employees motivated, but also attract future candidates. Gamification is a trend, that is steadily growing. A digital referral program gives you a perfect basis to introduce internal games & challenges that help you stay on the pulse of time. Additionally, it relieves stress and fosters sociability among your peers, which again boosts the employee’s engagement and loyalty.


Based on the facts mentioned above we can only conclude that employee referrals mean more hires, strong & engaged teams, powerful employer brand, high online awareness and a huge talent pool.

So why would you spend ridiculous amounts on an external headhunter who is unaware of you, your culture and your team?

Make your employees your best headhunters!

If you’d like to find out more about our referral program, read about how it works!

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